We are specialists in synthetic organic chemistry and cheminformatics tools for synthesis planning.
Our services are centered on identifying unconventional chemistry which solves your challenges in molecular design or compound synthesis, to save you time, resources and costs.

”Chemnotia performed a detailed and comprehensive analysis of one of our challenging drug molecules, and identified several novel and very attractive potential manufacturing routes. After CD selection, time limitations very often make it necessary to use non-optimal synthetic routes to produce subsequent campaign batches. In this context, Chemnotia is a particularly useful resource.”

– Torbjörn Larsson, Director Pharmaceutical R&D, Medivir AB

"Chemnotia shows a high degree of professionalism. Excellent expertise, thorough literature research, speed, clear reporting and great communication round up the picture. Much recommended!"

– Arne Grumann, Vice President R&D, Fermion Oy / Orion Group


Chemnotia combines long experience of organic synthesis and process development with use of advanced computer aided synthesis design tools to identify novel and creative synthetic routes to your target compounds.

Route Map

A map of possible synthetic routes to your target compound(s) is produced. We use our experience in combination with various software tools to generate novel route ideas as comprehensively as possible. We provide an overview of the suggested routes that we judge most relevant, and documentation on literature precedent for each synthetic step. Furthermore, different route options can be ranked on the basis of specific criteria (e.g., perceived environmental impact, starting material cost, etc).

Compound Design

Starting from your lead compound or an advanced intermediate, Chemnotia uses a combination of information handling software tools to find reactions that can generate virtual compound libraries according to your specifications. All virtual compounds generated will be provided with references to suggested syntheses.