We are specialists in synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, and cheminformatics tools. A key element of our services is the identification of unconventional chemistry which solves your challenges in molecular design or compound synthesis, to save you time, resources and costs. Through us, you can obtain the chemistry support you need to, e.g., reach the clinic with a lead compound, or produce the compound on larger scale to enable key studies.

Our offers include:

  • Suggestions for new synthetic routes (Route Map)
  • Patent and literature survey
  • Cost of Goods calculations
  • Compound design support
  • Experimental evaluation

Some benefits are:

  • Faster Go/NoGo decisions
  • Shorter time to the clinic
  • Secured substance delivery
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Lower cost

Route Map

A map of possible synthetic routes to your target compound(s) is produced. This service is based on an initial survey of patents, scientific literature and potential internal data on known synthetic routes. The main focus is on idea generation, and we use our experience in combination with various software tools to generate a comprehensive picture of all possible routes to the molecule of interest. The report will include potential known routes and suggestions for new routes displayed in schemes, as well as descriptions of each new step suggested and documentation on literature precedent for each synthetic step.

Patent & Literature Survey

We go through all patents and published literature which includes your lead compound or key synthetic intermediates. Our report will contain schemes displaying known synthetic routes together with information on whether a given transformation is claimed, described but not claimed, or reported in the scientific literature. The report will also include a short summary of each patent identified to be relevant for a further judgement of potential freedom to operate or patentability.

Cost of Goods Calculations

A prediction of the cost of producing a target compound at larger scale is presented, based on data for the suggested synthetic route and data on commercial availability for potential starting materials. If several different synthetic routes are considered, a comparison of CoG for the alternative options can be given.

Compound Design

Starting from your lead compound or an advanced intermediate, Chemnotia uses a combination of information handling software tools to find reactions that can generate virtual compound libraries according to your specifications. All virtual compounds generated will be provided with references to suggested syntheses.

Experimental Evaluation

We plan, coordinate and perform key experiments to evaluate which suggested synthetic route will be most efficient in practice. As output we provide detailed experimental descriptions, including analytical protocols and characterization data, as required for regulatory documentation.