Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction and feedback gives us the energy to keep delivering with high quality and to continue improving our services according to our customers different needs.

AlzeCure Pharma AB

Route Map to drug candidate.

Chemnotia helped us by identifying a much more efficient and cost-effective synthetic route to our lead compound. This route has been successfully evaluated and will be implemented as our future manufacturing route.

– Gunnar Nordvall, Senior Principal Scientist, AlzeCure Pharma AB

Medivir AB

Route Map to drug candidate.

Chemnotia performed a detailed and comprehensive analysis of one of our challenging drug molecules, and identified several novel and very attractive potential manufacturing routes. After CD selection, time limitations very often make it necessary to use non-optimal synthetic routes to produce subsequent campaign batches. In this context, Chemnotia is a particularly useful resource.

– Torbjörn Larsson, Director Pharmaceutical R&D, Medivir AB

Fermion Oy

Route Maps to drug candidates.

Chemnotia shows a high degree of professionalism. Excellent expertise, thorough literature research, speed, clear reporting and great communication round up the picture. Much recommended!

– Arne Grumann, Vice President R&D, Fermion Oy / Orion Group


Route Map to front runner.

Chemnotia’s analysis enables us to reduce costs substantially already when ordering material of our lead compound for the next campaign.

– Bengt von Mentzer, CEO Pharmnovo

Integrated Research Laboratories

New enantioselective synthetic routes to a drug candidate, to avoid resolution.

Chemnotia has supported us in an excellent way, and the new suggested enantioselective routes seem to be very attractive from a scientific and commercial point of view.

– Clas Sonesson, CSO IRL

Red Glead

Route Maps to front runners and support for compound design.

With Chemnotia’s input we could reach our chemistry objectives in lead optimization without extending project time lines.

– Joakim Larsson, Lead Chemist Red Glead Discovery AB

support for compound design.

Chemnotia’s agile and informed support really decreases the activation energy for us to get things done.

– Johan Evenäs, CEO Red Glead Discovery AB

Contract manufacturing organization

New synthetic routes to a "soon to be marketed" drug.

We are very pleased with your report – you have identified several possible routes which we had not thought of ourselves

– Process Development Manager

Karolinska Development company

  • -Evaluation of existing route to front runner (safety, scalability), suggestions for improvements.
  • -New synthetic routes to the front runner (IP, stereocontrol, environmental impact).


New synthetic routes to a group of challenging targets.

We contacted Chemnotia for a retrosynthetic analysis of a set of highly challenging targets, and we were impressed by the outcome and had great use of Chemnotia's report.

– Fredrik von Kieseritkzy, PhD, CEO Arubedo AB